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Flooring Tips & Tricks

carpet-one-floor-home-roseville-chico-ca-flooring-tips-tricks-remove-beer-stain-game-dayFlooring Tips & Tricks

How to Remove a Beer Stain from Your Carpet

Let's face it, when it comes around game time boys will be boys and the odds are your carpet will soon have a beer in it. There’s nothing worse than hearing screams from the other room like "TOUCH DOWN!" because you know what soon follows; a beer stain. Today, Roseville Carpet One is going to teach you how to get that nasty stain out of your carpet and get your house looking back in tip-top shape. No one likes a messy house. And no one likes a careless stain on their carpet.


To clean beer from carpeted flooring, you need a few common household products. These include:

carpet-one-floor-home-roseville-chico-ca-flooring-tips-tricks-remove-beer-stainMethod for Cleaning


  1. SCRAPE or blot up excess spill 
  2. APPLY detergent solution onto a damp towel 
  3. BLOT don't rub 
  4. APPLY white vinegar (undiluted) using a damp towel
  5. BLOT don't rub 
  6. APPLY with damp sponge 
  7. BLOT to finish with a weighted pad of paper towels

Cleaning Steps


  1. FIRST: The first thing to do is blot, do NOT rub, the stain with a wet washcloth. Don't rub. Rubbing will only make the stain worse. There's nothing worse than working against yourself, at a time such as this. 
  2. SECOND: The second thing to do is reach for the white vinegar. Mix about a 1/3 cup of white vinegar with a ½ cup of water. Stir it in well. Now place your washcloth in the solution and let it absorb. Once your rag is nice and wet, dab some of that solution on the stain using the cloth.  
  3. THIRD: Once you have dabbed on the vinegar/water solution, allow it to sit for a couple minutes. This will allow it to soak in and do what you put it there to do; remove the beer stain.  
  4. FOURTH: After you have allowed the vinegar/water solution to sit, blot it with a clean towel. Do this for a couple minutes. 
  5. FIFTH: Now that all your solutions have sat for a couple minutes, about 10 minutes, you can remove them by laying a cloth on top of the mark and standing on the cloth. This will apply a lot of pressure to the stain and help get all the solution moisture out of your carpet. 
  6. SIXTH: After you have dried up the stained area with your cloth, take some tap water and rinse the solution covered area. This will cause your stain area to become moist again, so you will have to repeat step 5. Keep doing this until the area is showing no more signs of stain. 
  7. SEVENTH: If you have completed all other steps and the stain is either faded very much or barely there, fill a spray bottle with warm water and lightly spray that water on the stained area. Take out your washcloth, a clean one, and begin scrubbing the area in a circular motion. This will help loosen up the stained area if anything is left over.

Not all carpet dyes are created equal. All cleaning solutions should be tested first in inconspicuous place for ill effects. If in doubt, call a professional. Click here to view more Flooring Tips & Tricks >

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