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Hardwood Installation in Roseville, California

Essential Considerations for Hardwood Flooring Installation in Roseville, California

Before committing to hardwood flooring, it's vital to understand key factors that directly impact its longevity. The installation process plays a pivotal role in ensuring the extended life of your wood floor. Here's a detailed look at crucial considerations for a successful hardwood flooring installation in Roseville:


Concrete Slab Installation

On a concrete slab, conducting a moisture test is imperative, especially to assess hydrostatic pressure. The standard test, using Calcium chloride, helps determine moisture levels. Specialized adhesives like Taylor (Ridgeline) and Bostic (Green Force) can withstand hydrostatic pressure if applied following precise instructions. A flat slab is essential to meet the manufacturer's recommendations for height variation and prevent issues like hollow spots in the hardwood.


Plywood Installation

For plywood installations, moisture testing is simpler using a moisture meter. Aged plywood should ideally have around 7% moisture content, while higher levels (9% to 20%) are considered too high. New plywood may exhibit high moisture readings, easily resolved by activating central heating until the moisture content falls. High moisture in old plywood indicates potential issues like a broken pipe or moisture wicking from beneath the house, requiring reduction before hardwood installation.


Acclimation for Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood floors over plywood subfloors are sensitive to moisture and should acclimate in the house for seven days before installation. Expansion gaps are crucial to prevent cupping and crowning, with transition strips at exterior doors and other hard surfaces necessary for required expansion.


Engineered Hardwood Considerations

Engineered hardwood is less sensitive to moisture, but strict adherence to manufacturer-recommended installation guidelines is crucial, including the need for expansion gaps. While nail-down or staple installation is recommended, gluing down hardwood over plywood is discouraged due to potential damage during removal.


Recommended Installation for Engineered Hardwood

For engineered hardwood, a combination of nail or staple with ¼ inch beads of hardwood adhesive in a tub approximately 8 inches apart is recommended, especially for widths over six to seven inches in width. This approach ensures a quieter floor with no risk of permanent damage to the existing plywood.


Shop for Hardwood Floors Near You in Roseville, CA

For a seamless experience, opting to purchase both hardwood and installation from a single supplier is a wise choice. In case of issues, this streamlined approach places liability directly on the flooring store, avoiding finger-pointing between separate suppliers for hardwood and installation. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures a smoother resolution in case of any problems with your hardwood floor.


At Roseville Carpet One Floor & Home, we're dedicated to enhancing your home's elegance and style with the exquisite allure of hardwood flooring. From installation to final touches, experience unwavering quality that turns your hardwood flooring vision into a reality that lasts. Experience the lasting beauty and sophistication that only hardwood can bring! Visit our showroom to browse the latest selection of flooring, and schedule your flooring consultation with one of our experts today.



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