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How to Remove Dye Stains from Your Carpeting

carpet-one-floor-home-roseville-chico-ca-flooring-tips-tricks-remove-dyeSpilling dye on your carpet can be a nightmare. With today’s stain-resistant carpet, treating spots and stains has never been easier. Still, no carpet is completely stain proof. The key is to act quickly! That is because dye is, after all, a dye. That means it is, by definition, supposed to stain something. Cleaning it should happen as soon as possible, but even after it has set in, the following tips may work.

Cleaning Steps

  1. FIRST: Get to the dye spill as soon as possible. 
  2. SECOND: Blot up as much of the excess dye as possible. Use a plain white cotton towel and place it on the spot and apply pressure. Continue to do this until there is no more transfer from the floor to the towel. Make sure to only blot, rubbing may spread the dye stain. 
  3. THIRD:  Apply a detergent solution. Put a detergent solution on a damp towel and blot the dye stained area again. 
  4. FOURTH: White Vinegar Works Wonders. White vinegar will give you a little more solvent power than water alone and it is great for cleaning up the detergent residue. Again, blot, don’t rub. 
  5. FIFTH: Rinse with water. Clean the vinegar out of the carpet with warm water and blot once again when you are done.

Please remember that with the method Roseville Carpet One has listed above for removing a dye stain, the faster you treat the stain the better, and the more likely you are going to be able to remove it. If these suggestions don't work, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaner. Click here to view more Flooring Tips & Tricks >

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