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How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpeting

carpet-one-floor-home-roseville-chico-ca-flooring-tips-tricks-remove-candle-waxRoseville Carpet One’s Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning Tips was recently asked by a customer how to get candle wax out of her carpet. Our customer is someone who adores candles and we had just installed some new carpeting in her family room. She also adores her niece, who proceeded to knock one of her candles off the coffee table, spilling a large amount of burgundy candle wax onto the carpeting. Before doing anything, she contacted us to find out the best way to remove candle wax from her new carpet.

After helping her, we immediately decided to add the candle wax remedy to our Roseville Carpet One’s Flooring Maintenance & Cleaning Tips series. We felt many of you could benefit from the answer to this dilemma as well. Who knows, one day while rearranging your furniture you may discover a blob of candle wax sealed into your carpet.


To clean candle wax from carpeted flooring, you need a few common household products. These include:

  • A Spoon 
  • Several Ice Cubes
  • A Plastic Bag
  • A Vacuum Cleaner
  • 3-4 Brown Paper Bags (cut into pieces large enough to cover the spill)
  • An Iron

Method for Cleaning

  1. SCRAPE or blot up excess spill 
  2. FREEZE with ice cubes 
  3. SHATTER with blunt object like the back of a large spoon  
  4. VACUUM chips away before they melt 
  5. SCRAPE off excess material 
  6. COVER with brown paper 
  7. APPLY warm iron until material is absorbed (be sure paper is large enough to cover the stained area and take care never to touch the iron to the carpet, as the fiber may melt) 
  8. CHANGE or ROTATE paper to clean area and repeat until all material is absorbed

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